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Do you want to know more about Pranic Healing? Do you want have first hand experience of the healing? Come for our free healing camps to know more about pranic healing and take free healing demo.

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Pranic Healing Meditation and Training Center

Pranic Healing Meditation and Training Center

Pranic Healing is a powerful & effective system of no-touch, drug free, complimentary energy healing originated and developed by GMCKS. Yoga is a physical, mental & spiritual discipline, whose goal is to attain a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility.

Astrology & Pyramid Vastu Center

Astrology & Pyramid Vastu Center

(Home and workplace)

Astrology, Pyramid Vastu, Mantras, Anushthan, Yagya & Dausing. etc.

Vastu : Without break and crack of your house.

Free Services

Free Services

Pranic healing camps
Meditation Camp : We organize “Twin Hearts Meditation”, twice a week.
and monthly on full moon
Sun : 10-11 AM
Thu : 03-04 PM

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The Founder

“Acharya” Pt. Rajesh Kumar Tiwari is well known Pranic healer, authorized instructor, Pyramid Vastu Consultant, Douser and has been advocating Indian Vedic astrology for more than 20 years and now serving people by Divine India Science & Spiritual Happiness Association (DISSHA)

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Science and Nature Club of Harihar Kshetra India

Science, Nature and Social Awareness Activities.



DISSHA Library

Various books related to happy and healthy life.



Distance Financial Services

Any problem related to health (physical, mental or emotional), relationship, drug addiction.



What is DISSHA

DISSHA is an organisation for Research & Development in Pranic Healing/ Holistic Health, Science, Nature, Metaphysics, Astrology, Pyramid Vastu, Mantras, Dousing, Yoga, Meditation, Agnihotra, Yagopaithi, Social Activities & many more.

Pt. Rajesh Tiwari

DISSHA serves in the fields of PRANIC HEALING, ASTROLOGY, METAPHYSICS, YOGA and many more...

The Foundation

Contact Us

SavitriKunj, Pragya Path, Buddha Colony, Adalwadi, Hajipur, Harihar Kshetra, Vaishali, Bihar. Postal Code: 844 103

PAYTM 993-993-2758

Email: dissha2008@gmail.com | info@dissha.org


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