Pranic Healing Meditation and Training Center

Pranic Healing is a powerful & effective system of no-touch, drug free, complimentary energy healing originated and developed by GMCKS. Yoga is a physical, mental & spiritual discipline, whose goal is to attain a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility.

Astrology & Pyramid Vastu Center (Home and workplace)

Astrology, Pyramid Vastu, Mantras, Anushthan, Yagya & Dausing. etc.

Vastu : Without break and crack of your house.

Science and Nature Club of Harihar Kshetra India

Science, Nature and Social Awareness Activities.

DISSHA Library

Various books related to happy and healthy life.

Distance Financial Services

Any problem related to health (physical, mental or emotional), relationship, drug addiction.

Free Services

Pranic healing camps
Meditation Camp : We organize “Twin Hearts Meditation”, twice a week.
and monthly on full moon
Sun : 10-11 AM
Thu : 03-04 PM


Books related to Pranic Healing, Vastu

Motivational Materials




Prana Blessing Water

Horoscope/Kundali Preparation (Computer & Hand Made)